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Newsmax, September 7, 2022:  Jan. 6 Defendants Seeing 'Softening of Sentiments'

Newsmax, March 31, 2023:  Does Proposed 'TikTok Ban' Go Too Far?

Newsmax, September 7, 2022:  Special Master Approval a 'Win' After FBI Raid

Newsmax, June 4, 2022:  Navarro Indictment Shows 'Two-Tier' System, Raises 'Major Constitutional Issues'

Sinclair Broadcast Group, WJLA-TV ABC 7, September 27, 2019:  Are There Limits to Party Loyalty? GOP Members Nervous about Trump-Ukraine Scandal (I argue that the GOP supports President Trump.)

Sinclair Broadcast Group, WGXA Fox 24 ABC 16, November, 8, 2018:  Pelosi Eyes Speaker's Gavel while Facing House Insurgency

Sinclair Broadcast Group, KTXS ABC 12, October 9, 2018:  Trump, GOP Depict Opposition as an 'Angry Mob':  Is This What Democracy Looks Like?

Newsmax Magazine, March 2018:  Trump's Agenda Critical

The Daily Caller, October 19, 2017:  Voter Fraud:  A Fact Democrats Wish Was Fiction

The Daily Voice, October 9, 2016:  What Were Your Reactions to the Presidential Town Hall Debate

U.S. News and World Report, August 9, 2016:  The Costs of Volunteering for a Political Campaign

Avvo Stories, March 21, 2016:  Does President Obama Abuse His Executive Status?

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