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Episode 19:  The Republican Primary for Georgia's 6th Congressional District:  An Interview with Candidate Jake Evans

Episode 18:  America's Supply Chain Crisis

Episode 17:  The Movement to Create Buckhead City: An Interview with Bill White, Chairman and CEO of the Buckhead City Committee

Episode 16:  What Vice President Kamala Harris' Lack of Defending Israel Says about Her and the Democrats' Commitment to Israel

Episode 15:  The Horrors which Illegal Immigrants Face and the United States' Complicity in Them

Episode 14:  School Choice in Three Areas: The Fight against Critical Race Theory, Education in the Pandemic Era, and Improving America's Schools

Episode 13:  Consequences of the Manner in which the United States Left Afghanistan

Episode 12:  Ways to Increase Vaccinations for COVID-19

Episode 11:  The Filibuster, Cloture Motion, Reconciliation, and Nuclear Option in the U.S. Senate

Episode 10:  The Argument that "Republicans Are Racist" Divides America

Episode 9:  Player and Fan Safety at NBA Basketball Games

Episode 8:  Antisemitic Attacks in the United States

Episode 7:  Legislation in Georgia Concerning Voting

Episode 6:  Term Limits for Congresspersons and Senators

Episode 5:  A Response to the Democrats' Impeachment Arguments: President Trump Did NOT Incite the Capitol Hill Riots​

Episode 4:  A New Format for Presidential and Primary Debates

Episode 3:  The Nuclear Option in the U.S. Senate and the Confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court

Episode 2:  Legal Challenges regarding the 2020 Census

Epidsode 1:  Virtual National Political Conventions, Coronavirus, and Violence in American Cities