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The Case to Resume Regular, Public Briefings of the White House Coronavirus Task Force

The White House Coronavirus Task Force should resume regular, public briefings. In any public emergency, especially one concerning public health, the government must consistently inform and update the people. If not, the people may be underinformed, misinformed, or unnecessarily panicked. In the case of Coronavirus, public health officials provide snippets of advice but not a full update on the disease. The media reports contradictory information ranging from the imminent infection of the population to dismissal of the Coronavirus as an exaggerated threat. Fear is widespread as demonstrated by harassment of those who do not wear masks and in interviews of citizens. The Task Force should update the country on the mortality rate of the disease, the ages that it affects the most, infection and mortality rates for children, the ability of children to transmit the disease, results of school openings in Europe, the efficacy of masks, and the consequences of a closed country (such as the rates of child, domestic, drug, and alcohol abuse). These briefings will help Americans make informed decisions about their health and actions. They will also reassure the country that the government is working hard against the disease.

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