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The Delayed Response to the Riots Plaguing America

After the death of George Floyd, Minneapolis and various cities throughout America should have been prepared for rioters infiltrating into peaceful demonstrations. Indeed, this tactic occurred in Ferguson and Baltimore with destructive consequences. The latest riots have followed a common pattern: destruction on the first night and then the police and National Guard maintained greater order on subsequent nights. The logical question, therefore, is why the police and National Guard were not properly deployed to stop the destruction initially. Neither lack of foresight nor lack of preparation should be an excuse. The major cities in which these riots have occurred are home to millions of Americans and have hosted high-profile events such as the Super Bowl, Final Four, and national political conventions. These municipalities should be prepared for all types of lawlessness ranging from terrorist attacks to riots. Once the riots have stopped, the mayors and governors of the attacked cities and states must answer why they allowed the destruction to take place and what they will do differently in the future.

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