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Possible Reactions of House Democrats to Speaker Pelosi not Submitting the Articles of Impeachment

It would be interesting to know what House Democrats think of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her decision to not submit the Articles of Impeachment (Articles) to the U.S. Senate. It is safe to assume that these Democrats (except for the House Leadership) did not know of Pelosi’s plan prior to the vote on the Articles, because, if they did, it likely would have leaked to the media. Those Democrats in vulnerable districts (i.e., those which voted for President Trump) must be quite angry with the Speaker. The impeachment vote will make their reelection much more difficult, and it may cost them their seat. If they knew Pelosi would withhold, and may not send, the Articles, they likely would not have risked their political future with a yes vote on the Articles. For those Democrats who want impeachment to move forward and think that sufficient evidence for impeachment exists, they are probably upset that an impeachment trial is not starting soon. They voted to impeach, and they expected a trial. The last group is those Democrats who realized that the impeachment case was weak and in need of more evidence. They hope that Nancy Pelosi’s plan will work and more individuals will testify. It is possible that they think Pelosi should have gotten more evidence in the House phase. In all probability, Pelosi will send the Articles to the Senate. A question arises if Pelosi will keep the office of Speaker or if Democrats will revolt due to her handling of the impeachment process.

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