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What the Democrats’ Focus on Impeachment Reveals about Their Priorities

It is disappointing that the Democrats are not working on legislative matters with the same zeal and intensity with which they are pursuing impeachment. For the past several months, President Trump has expressed desire to pass legislation on traditional Democrat objectives such as infrastructure and prescription drug reform. If Democrats wanted to help the American people in these areas, the Democrats would have held hearings on these matters, drafted bills, and negotiated with the White House and Republicans. Yet, the Democrats have not done so. In contrast to their slowness in pursuing beneficial legislation, however, the Democrats are so focused on impeachment that, even though Congress is in recess, the Democrats are staying in Washington and holding hearings on impeachment-related matters. Democrats hardly ever work in Washington during a recess, even when the government is facing a shut-down. The Democrats’ action and work ethic on impeachment shows their ability to focus and work hard on matters which they find important. Unfortunately, it demonstrates that passing legislation which benefits the American people does not rank high on the Democrats’ priority list.

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