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The Democratic Party's Debates Are NOT Very Democratic

The Democratic Party is doing a disservice to its voters by limiting its next Presidential debate to ten candidates. As the Party did in 2016 with its superdelegate system and concessions to Hillary Clinton, it is too involved with selecting its nominee. To counteract the Party’s choice of ten hopefuls, the other candidates should have their own debate. Multiple platforms exist such as Facebook, YouTube, the streaming services, and FoxNews (which has been shut out of the Democratic Debates). To attract more viewers, this debate should add changes to the traditional, tired format. It could add a clock on screen to time answers, cut off microphones when candidates are over time, have cross-examination periods and pre-announced topics, or remove the moderators altogether. These changes could greatly increase viewership and ratings. The American people deserve to hear from those who have dedicated themselves to running for President. In short, the Democratic Party needs to be more democratic and trust their voters.

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