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America Is NOT as Divided as Many Claim

The refrain that “America is more divided than ever” is both unsubstantiated and dangerous. Many in the media and some politicians have put forward this proposition (likely in the hopes to tarnish President Trump), but they have not provided any evidence. America has always been divided between the two major political parties, and the losing party and its voters regularly complain about and challenge the winning party’s policies. This debate gives America’s government and democracy their strength. In 2018, opposition to President Trump may be louder than challenges to previous Presidents. This level of noise, however, is not evidence of the country’s mood, especially when one factors in its sources (paid and unpaid protesters, biased media members, and Democrat lawmakers frustrated at being the minority party). If America were to become divided, quality of life, civility, and American progress would suffer. To prevent the fiction of national disunity from becoming more accepted, the media and politicians need to stop peddling this unverified claim. Republicans in particular must challenge the opposition’s myth of division in America and focus on the empirical evidence. They should also be cheerleaders for America, celebrate the successes of the past two years, and support President Trump.

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