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The Important Role for Trump Supporters

With the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh and the Left’s attempts to derail it, Trump supporters have an extra dose of energy going into the last thirty days of the midterm campaign season. They were already happy with President Trump’s successes, and they are likely more hungry to help him achieve continued success in the remaining two-and-a-quarter years of his first term. The following four strategies are ways that the Trump supporters can demonstrate their support for the President and help him attain his legislative goals. The Trump campaign should help organize the supporters and volunteers in these endeavors.

1. Hold Rallies

The President is already leading the way in this area with campaign-style rallies for those facing election. Trump supporters need to have rallies of their own (similar to Tea Party events) for the President and the legislation and causes that he champions. Trump backers could also have demonstrations for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, investment in infrastructure, and growth plans for inner cities.

2. Work to Elect Republicans in the Midterms

President Trump’s legislative agenda only goes so far as the House and Senate allow. For this reason, Trump supporters need to ensure that Republicans keep (and ideally increase) their majorities in the House and Senate. Posting on social media or talking to friends is not enough. Trump backers need to work hard in their districts and states by making phone calls, knocking on doors, and working with the candidates’ staff (these offices know which strategies to take and voters to contact). While some Trump supporters may have wanted more Trump-friendly candidates to win in the Republican primary, they must remember that it is better to have these Republicans in office than Democrats.

3. Call for the Approval of President Trump’s Executive and Judicial Nominees

A large portion of a President’s agenda is carried out via the Executive agencies. Accordingly, it is important that a President’s nominees are approved by the Senate. Of Trump’s formal nominations, 194, or 34%, are awaiting confirmation.[1] Compared to the previous four Presidents, Trump nominees are confirmed at a significantly slower rate.[2]

A President can also influence the Judiciary. The Senate has confirmed Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch as well as several Circuit Judges, but, unfortunately, as of June 26, the Senate had approved only 42 of Trump’s 134 nominees, a dismal 31%.[3] This pace is thirty percent (30%) slower than the average pace of the Presidents from Carter through Obama.[4] The number of vacancies throughout the Judiciary is 142, almost 17% of the entire Judiciary.[5] This number causes huge delays in cases and pressure on judges.

It is unacceptable for a Republican controlled Senate to not quickly approve a Republican President’s nominees. If they do not act in the next month, one must consider what would happen to these nominees if Republicans lose the Senate in the November 2018 elections. Trump supporters should call for the nominations at rallies as well as contact their Senators and encourage them to act.

4. Back a Successor to Speaker Ryan and Consider a Change in Senate Leadership

One must determine whether the lack of support for the Trump agenda in Congress was due to problems with Congressional leadership: preventing Conservative bills and amendments from reaching the House and Senate Floor, hampering Trump supporters from working with the rest of the Republican caucus, failing to coordinate between the House and Senate versions of legislation, ineffectively negotiating with other Republican and Democrats, or not rallying votes for Trump causes. On the House side, when the nominees for Speaker are determined, one must evaluate their histories and support of the Trump agenda. On the Senate side, one must consider Mitch McConnell’s performance with legislation, approval of nominees, and support of President Trump. If the potential nominees and/or Mitch McConnell are determined to be ineffective, Trump supporters should consider calling for their replacement and backing the individuals that the they think are best to take their place.

Role for the Trump Campaign

The Trump Campaign can help by organizing the vast numbers supporting the President. It can help individuals get in contact with Republican House and Senate candidates. It can also prioritize those campaigns which need the most support. Trump supporters are hungry to help the President, and the Campaign should utilize this excitement and willingness to get involved.


With less than a month before the Midterm Elections, it is more important than ever to show the country that Trump’s supporters are still with him. Trump backers have four ways to do so and also advance the Trump agenda. The Trump campaign can play an important organizational role and help advance the work of the volunteers.


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