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The Dangers in Paul Ryan Withholding His Endorsement of Donald Trump

It would be beneficial for Congressman Paul Ryan to choose a different venue to voice his policy disputes with Donald Trump. As Speaker of the House, Ryan can air his concerns with Trump via his control of the legislative process. Further, any dispute that Ryan has can be worked out through negotiation. Indeed, the Founding Fathers created the separation of the legislative and executive branches so that different policies and viewpoints could be discussed and adopted. Ryan must come to the realization, however, that it will be easier to advance his policies, negotiate with, and obtain Conservative legislation with Trump. Trump is a Conservative, agrees with Ryan on most issues, and has proved that he is willing to meet with Ryan. Clinton, who has a vastly different policy agenda than Trump, has stated that she wants to function as Obama’s Third Term, and she is much less likely to negotiate with Ryan. If Ryan wants to advance his policies, therefore, he is much better off with Trump as President. To make this situation a reality, Ryan must endorse Trump, help unify the Republican Party, and focus on Hillary Clinton as his main opposition.

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