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Two Fundamental Truths for Republican Presidential Candidates and the Republican National Committee’

The Republican Presidential candidates must accept two fundamental truths: the Democratic nominee is their opposition in the 2016 Election and, mathematically, this Democrat has a 50% chance of winning the election. From the answers in the Second Debate, it is clear that the Republican contenders have not accepted these maxims. First, the candidates spent very little time discussing either the potential consequences of another Democratic Presidency or the results of the past seven years of a Democratic Presidency. For example, the national debt doubled in the past seven years under the guidance of a Democratic President, but the candidates barely discussed this topic. Second, they spent a large portion of the debate discussing Donald Trump even though he is a fellow Republican and will not be the opposition in the general election. The Republican candidates need to focus on the results of Democratic policies and convince voters why it is better for the country to have a Republican as President. Additionally, the Republican National Committee (RNC) must negotiate with debate organizers so that that debate questions focus on key issues and not Donald Trump (in the second debate, 44% of the questions referenced Mr. Trump). If the networks do not acquiesce, the RNC should cancel the debates. The RNC has a duty to protect the eventual Republican nominee and ensure that he/she has the best chance possible to win the general election.

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