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The Seleciton of the Pope: 

Bringing the World Together in Peace


            Only a few events are able to bring the world together in peace and happiness.  The typical events are the Olympics and the World Cup, and they come about every two or four years.  The selection of the Pope was another rare, joyful occasion which united the globe.


            Although the Pope is the head of the Catholic Church and resides in Vatican City, Catholics and non-Catholics (indeed Christians and non-Christians) from every corner of the globe watched their televisions, monitored web sites, or listened to radios as they awaited the results of the Conclave.  The scene from St. Peter’s Square was beautiful, not only because of the architectural majesty of the surroundings, but also because of the diversity of people.  People from different nations, cultures, and races sang and cheered together.  They displayed flags of their nations in a peaceful celebration, not in war or bellicose pride, but in the hopes that the Pope came from their country.  As the flags waved and different countries were represented, these people were united.   


            Hopefully, people around the world cherished the nature of the Pope’s selection.  We should strive to have more occasions which bring us together in peace.

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